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Military Canopies

KD Kanopy invented the pop-up style of canopy in 1986. This style of canopy is very unique and makes setting up a coverage area much quicker and simpler than the old pole tents. 16 gauge anodized aluminum scissor bars are the key to the pop up canopy; these allow our canopies to fold down to a small size and then expand to cover large areas. Our patented Dynidiom® fittings, fiberglass reinforced nylon composite, allow our tents to glide out with minimum effort and also stops any metal on metal contact. Each of our canopies can adjust to 5 different height settings giving a maximum of a 6'6” clearance under the valance. The 500 Denier polyester oxford top is available to you in eight different colors, red, green, white, blue, purple, black, yellow and cream. All of the tops are water resistant, fire retardant to CPAI-84 and UV protected. There is no assembly required for any of our pop up canopies, so that means, when your canopy arrives, you can set it up immediately, without any loose ropes or parts. All of our pop-up canopies come complete with a 500 denier carry bag and a set of 4 steel spikes and they can be set up by two people in under 30 seconds.

KD Kanopy can customize your pop-up canopies with either Screen-Printed Graphics, which uses a Heat-cure process that is long-lasting with no scratching or peeling, or Full-Cover Large Format Digital Printing. Whether you need standard block lettering or your military logos and pantone colors or print photographs, oversized images, multiple color logos, or whatever else you can imagine, we can print across every square inch of your pop-up canopy.

  • Portable, lightweight, and durable pop-up canopies.
  • Quick & Simple set-up with only 2 people.
  • Frames that glide with Dynidiom® ® patented fittings-therefore no binding.
  • Compacts for trouble-free storage.
  • Free carry bag and steel field spikes with all complete units.
  • Innovative design and superior customer service.
  • Highest quality products and materials in the industry.
  • Outlasts cheap imitations.
  • 13 fabric colors
  • Tops are Water Resistant, Fire Retardant CPAI-84, and UV Protected.

KD PartyShade Canopy KD PartyShade

The PartyShade canopy is our most economical pop up canopy. The frame is a cream color, powder coated steel and the top is a water resistant, UV protected and fire retardant polyester oxford. The PartyShade is great for any event need especially for a first aid station or military radio remotes.

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Majestic 25 Canopy Majestic 25 Canopy

The Majestic 5x5 is our smallest unit; the frame uses anodized aluminum which makes it stronger and lighter than steel framed units. We also offer full side panels or rail curtains for our full line of Majestic canopies. The 5x5 canopy is perfect for covering small areas such as drink stations, ticketing areas, information booths or portable latrines.

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Majestic 64 Canopy Majestic 64 Canopy

The Majestic 8x8 is for those that need a little more room but cannot use a 10x10 canopy. Anodized aluminum is used for the frame and a 250 Denier polyester for the top; you can also use specialized brackets to join our canopies together. The Majestic 8x8 canopy is a good choice for outdoor coverage, military promotions or as a trade show booth.

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Majestic 100 Canopy Majestic 100 Canopy

The Majestic 10x10 is our most popular unit, with anodized aluminum constructed frame and patented Dynidiom® fittings, this canopy stands the test of time. The polyester top is fire retardant, UV protected and water resistant and comes in your choice of eight different colors. The Majestic 10x10 is perfect for equipment coverage, recruiting or just staying out of the sun.

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Majestic 150 Canopy Majestic 150 Canopy

The Majestic 10x15 is a newer style for those that needed something just a little larger than the 10x10. With the same aluminum construction and polyester top, this is a great canopy that can fit any need. The Majestic 10x15 works well for a base of operations, temporary kitchen or any outdoor event need.

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Majestic 200 Canopy Majestic 200 Canopy

The Majestic 10x20 is the largest of the Majestic line of canopies; this canopy is constructed with the anodized aluminum frames and the Dynidiom® fittings. Using the same water resistant, fire retardant and UV protected polyester top will this a very durable canopy. The 10x20 canopy is best used for triage, temporary quarters or for any need out in the field where a larger canopy is needed.

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Hexagon 81 Canopy Hexagon 81 Canopy

The Hexagon 81 is a unique canopy offered only from KD Kanopy. This six sided canopy uses the same aluminum construction as the Majestic line, with the same polyester top. This different style works well for smaller area and will fit in a 10x10 area, but its lightweight and compact size makes it easy to travel with. The Hexagon 81 is great for recruiting, ticketing or for registration.

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