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Military Tension Tents

The KD tension tents are tension fabric structures supported by either a single center-pole and or the new twin poles and ground up tension. These unique canopies were invented by KD Kanopy and we remain the sole manufacturer of these tent designs. There are six elegant arches that are 7.5' high, these offer ease into entering the covered area and also add visual appeal to your event. These canopies can cover anywhere from 400 sq ft to 1320 sq ft depending on your choice of canopy. Our tension canopies can be easily set up by two people in 15 minutes. Using 6, 30 ground spikes, these will support the tension structure, the pole breaks down into 5 pieces with the bottom part being a jack system that will tension the unit when cranked. The tension tents can withstand up to 30 mph winds when staked down into hard ground and fully tensioned. The fabric is a 250 Denier polyester oxford which is fire retardant to CPAI-84, water resistant and UV protected and is offered in eight different colors or a combination of those colors. There two lines of canopies in our tension tent line, the StarShades use a single pole and cover 400 or 800 sq ft and the StarTwins are double pole units that will cover 685 or 1320 sq ft. All tension canopies come complete with carry bags, steel stakes, stake puller, center pole anchor plates and measuring cables.

KD Kanopy can customize your tension canopies with either Screen-Printed Graphics, which uses a Heat-cure process that is long-lasting with no scratching or peeling, or Full-Cover Large Format Digital Printing. Whether you need standard block lettering or your military logos and pantone colors or print photographs, oversized images, multiple color logos, or whatever else you can imagine, we can print across every square inch of your tension canopy.

  • Portable and durable tension tents.
  • Quick & Simple set-up with only 2 people.
  • Unique and innovative patented design.
  • Compacts for trouble-free storage.
  • Free carry bags with all complete units.
  • Superior customer service.
  • Highest quality products and materials in the industry.
  • Thirteen fabric colors: red, blue, white, black, purple, green, yellow and cream.
  • Tops are Water Resistant, Fire Retardant CPAI-84, and UV Protected.

StarShade 400 Canopy StarShade 400 Canopy

The StarShade 400 is another unique product to KD Kanopy. This large star canopy is a ground up tension unit, using spikes and a center pole with jack; these canopies have no need for ropes or loose parts. Covering 400 sq ft of area and a diameter of 43 these canopies are great for any outdoor event. The StarShade 400 works well as a mess tent or reception area.

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StarShade 800 Canopy StarShade 800 Canopy

The StarShade 800 is the big brother in the StarShade line of canopies, covering 800 sq ft and a diameter of 55 this canopy can handle any event or need you may have. The tension fabric is a 250 denier polyester oxford which is fire retardant, UV protected and water resistant. Use the StarShade 800 for equipment operations, medical or for a rest area to get out of the weather.

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StarTwin 685 Canopy StarTwin 685 Canopy

The StarTwin 685 was invented in 2004; this double pole tension canopy is grand in its design and allows a lot of coverage for whatever your needs. Covering 685 sq ft and with a width of 20 the StarShade 685 will seat over 66 people at banquet tables or over 140 people in chairs. This popular canopy will work for banquets and receptions.

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StarTwin 1320 Canopy StarTwin 1320 Canopy

The StarTwin 1320 is the largest tent in our fleet of canopies. This large double poled tension unit covers a massive 1320 sq ft and has a length of 75. The poles are anodized aluminum and the fabric is a 250 denier polyester oxford which is water resistant, fire retardant and UV protected. Available in 8 different colors or a combination of colors, this canopy makes an impressive statement. The StarTwin is best used for any event that requires a lot of covered seating, perfect for temporary resting area, kitchen and mess hall, equipment operation or outdoor class area.

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StarStage 550 Canopy StarStage 550 Canopy

The StarStage 550 is a unique canopy that offers a band shell quality for staging areas. This canopy is also a tension unit and uses the same polyester fabric as the other StarShades, what makes it unique is the open front of the canopy that allows for a large viewing area. The StarStage is perfect for a band cover, stage area and concert arena or for any show that needs some coverage.

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