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Military Tents and Canopies - GSA Approved

KD Kanopy is pleased to announce the acceptance of our

AFNAF contract, please let us know if you need either GSA or

AFNAF pricing on our products.

AFNAF Contract number F41999-10-D0035

This site is dedicated to serving our Military and Government customers, if you are not

part of the US government then please visit our main canopy site.

Our goal with this website is to answer any questions regarding our GSA contract and

what KD Kanopy products are covered under our contract. In addition to GSA

information you will find product information about our;

Each of these are ideal for any branch of the military, whether it is for recruiting

purposes using a screen printed 10x10 Majestic Canopy or for a base of operations

out in the field using one of the StarShade or StarTwin tension tents. You will find

that our canopies are much easier and faster to set up than the traditional pole

and rope structures.

Why KD Kanopy ?

  • KD Kanopy has been providing the Military and Government pop-up canopies
  • since 1986.
  • Our canopies use only commercial grade aluminum and an industrial grade polyester oxford fabric.
  • Many different tent styles to fit your needs, from our pop-up style canopies to
  • our large tension structure tents.
  • No loose parts or ropes and every one of our canopies will set up in less than
  • 20 minutes.
  • Our pop-up canopies can be easily set up in less than 30 seconds with only 2 people.

We have amended our contract to add screen printing, digital printing and also some digital products from wall banners, hanging banners and Table Covers that can be used for all of your marketing or signage needs. As we expand our military services, we hope to add many new products and services to our contract that can assist you in any coverage or signage needs you may have.

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